Alfie, Volumn 1.

Alfie was tired today, the small section of the downstairs porch he uses as a bed was wet from the rain so he had to go and sit under the stairwell, he wasn’t too impressed by this but on the same token he was quite easily entertained. He was sitting quietly licking his paws when he noticed a possum was crawling down the huge tree in his front yard, this was an outrage, someone coming on to his turf like this, he ran over and shouted at the possum “Hey what the fuck do you think you’re doing, you Jagoff, this is my yard!, you wanna come on here you ask me first! Capice?” he stood with his shoulders up his teeth glaring, he was ready for a fight “you ain’t the boss of me! I’ll scratch your Canine eyes out, Motherfucker!”. “What the fuck, do you know who I am?, this is my neighborhood” Alfie got ready to Charge the Possum, he was growling and getting his feet into position, the possum drew its Claws and screeched the two Charged each other and met in the middle of the yard…..to be continued…lol if I’m ever this bored again.



I’m doing a presentation on Marlowe’s adaptation of Faust on monday, it’s so boring, I think I’ll conclude it with “I’m now feeling depressed all the time from reading this…it’s a play with only two characters…Doctor Faustus whose some old Crazy German and then ofcourse Satan…Faust sells his soul for wealth and power. Moral of the Story, don’t sell your soul for power, the soul is precious! Remember that.

Lot’s of new age Christians on Campus…not saying it’s a bad thing, just an observation, saw a sign the other day saying “Creation Vs Evolution”, big shit stirring argument; a bloke I was with thought so, got me thinking…Cant they both exist together??? ever thought of that one, then again these Bible bashers are stubborn ones, and Evolutionists are so fucking convinced that there is no other explanation! I think both can exist together. I’ll admit I sway more towards the Evolutionist theory, I’m not and have never been a religious man, but at the same time, I sought of have a spiritual side, It comes every know and then, usually when I’m upset about something, Though the Agnosticism in me screams for proof of God, the Spiritualist in me already believes in a higher power…Weird hey.


I’m really enjoying uni, Getting good marks, meeting lotsa peoplz, but I think I built up that it was going to be better than it is. I had visions of doing heaps of things, now in my 9th week of Uni, I’m sorta well not over it but bored, I’m not going to drop out but I feel like I’m being held back…I’m capable of so much better than I’m doing. But other than this I thinks it’s been great. I’m such a pesemist I know.


I finally have a Blog, this is good, I’m going to use it to write down my idea’s as I’m doing Creative Writing at University now, so many short stories will be on here, some serious, others just crap that I’m joking around with, I’ll also talk about certain things that I’m doing etc, bit of everything, hope you like :).